2018 Italian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton reminded us all (not that we needed reminding) what an exceptional talent he is. After qualifying in third place, everyone thought that the Ferrari’s on the front row would cruise off into the distance. Especially with their now more powerful than Mercedes engine. The first lap Hamilton amazingly braked and moved round the outside of his championship rival Sebastian Vettel. Most drivers would take it easy when they are fighting for a championship, because they don’t want to risk losing any points in silly overtakes. This wasn’t a silly overtake. Lewis judged the move into the second chicane perfectly, something only the best can get away with. Vettel I don’t think, was expecting Hamilton to pull of the move because he let the car under-steer wide and hit Hamilton’s car. This resulted in Vettel spinning and ending up at the back of the grid. 

Several laps later Hamilton managed to catch up to Kimi Raikkonen who had opted for the softer tyres of which he had blistered and worn out trying to get the optimal pit stop window. Kimi after temporarily getting his positin back Lewis got past him and went on to win a very unexpected race in front of the Italian Ferrari fans. 

Kimi Raikkonen drove the best I’ve seen him drive in years but he only just misses out on my personal driver of the day: Lewis Hamilton. 

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Written by Ryan Gilruth


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