Content Creators Wanted For Hazardous Beta-Testing Journey

Potential risk: Constant danger, safe return doubtful. 20 minutes of your time wasted.

Potential rewards: Riches beyond your wildest dreams & crazy viral traffic to your content in case of success.

We need beta-testers to create Cool & Stylish posts, articles, quizzes, polls, lists. (If possible record video step-by-step walk-through of creating the post to help others in the forums).

  1. We will be using professional viral social marketing company to make your posts go viral! (We need successful results to encourage future users to join).
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  3. You can earn $19.69 per month from everyone who joins us through your posts and upgrades.
  4. Help report any bugs & build our FAQ’s & forum help section.
  5. Bottom line – We need great content & products/reviews creating ready for our official launch on the 17th of June.