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Amazon has already paid out over $3.5 Billion in sales commissions to people who’ve shared & recommend product links to their friends, visitors & audiences.
With over 300 million customer accounts, 200 million visitors a month and around 2 million sellers, there’s no question that this lucrative marketplace is full of potential for everyone with the right approach.


eBay has roughly 167 million active users as well as 25 million sellers, and while it’s well-known as an auction site, over 80 percent of eBay merchandise is new and sold at a fixed price.
However, unlike Amazon, eBay is much easier for people to sell on. This opens up the marketplace to more niche sellers, which allows for greater product variety.


ClickBank is the world’s leading online marketplace for digital products. They’ve paid out Billions in commissions to their affiliates so far.. And they’re slowly introducing quality (and hot selling) physical products to their marketplace.
You can earn 50% to 75%+ commissions on the majority of products available so great profits to be made on 1,000’s of digital products.

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Make Money

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