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Amazon has already paid out over $3.5 Billion in sales commissions to people who’ve shared & recommend product links to their friends, visitors & audiences.

With over 300 million customer accounts, 200 million visitors a month and around 2 million sellers, there’s no question that this lucrative marketplace is full of potential for everyone with the right approach.


eBay has roughly 167 million active users as well as 25 million sellers, and while it’s well-known as an auction site, over 80 percent of eBay merchandise is new and sold at a fixed price.

However, unlike Amazon, eBay is much easier for people to sell on and to become an affiliate. This opens up the marketplace to more niche sellers, which allows for greater product variety.

Amazon and eBay set 24 hour commission cookies.. meaning if visitors sent to them through any of your affiliate links go on to buy anything over the following 24 hours, you get the commissions.


Love camping? Post an article about the coolest tents, stylish rucksacks or a vote-able (and very share-able) list of the top 10 trending gadgets etc.

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For these extra visitors, the More Cool Posts platform randomly inserts the product’s affiliate links of either the user/affiliate – or the post’s creator.

Similar to flipping a coin for heads or tails, this averages as a 50/50 split.


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