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Welcome to the Resources section, a list of tools and websites I strongly recommend for building and optimizing your business. I use or have tested every recommendation on this page. Many of the resources listed here are crucial to running a successful online business.






One of the essential tools you need to run your own website is a hosting service. Over the years I’ve ran my own hosting companies and for a time skipped from one host to another trying to find the ideal hosting platform before eventually discovering Cloudways which I’ve now used for years and have been VERY happy.

Not only has their service been fast with awesome uptime – very easy to use and always kept up to date, but their customer service has been second to none.

Why Cloudways? You NEED an SSL certificate for each website you want to host (the little green padlock you see on almost every site indicating it’s being served over a secure network).

secure padlockGoogle and the majority of your website visitors like little green padlocks – and very soon browsers will start flashing big red warning signs to your visitors indicating the site is not secure if you don’t have one.

To get a little green padlock on your site you need a dedicated I.P. – Cloudways provides a dedicated I.P which you can host unlimited websites – And provide up to 100 free SSL certificates for all your domains/sites on the same I.P.

It’s true cloud hosting (some hosting companies definition of “cloud hosting” is a joke) – you can choose between Amazon or Google’s cloud infrastructures so you know your site’s are going to be fast and have great uptime! It’s also the easiest control panel I’ve ever used. A few clicks and your site’s up and running.

Other website hosting companies lead you in with their cheap shared starter plans only for you to discover you need to upgrade to get a dedicated I.P. for an SSL certificate – then if you want more than one website you need to purchase additional certificates and the cost starts getting out of control fast if you want to create various niche affiliate sites. Click on this link for more information and to Get Started Free..



Namecheap has been my domain registrar of choice for 7 years. FREE privacy protection with an easy to use dashboard. Register a cheap domain with them – pop the I.P in the settings from Cloudways and that’s it. No messing or additional SSL cert costs as that’s all covered with Cloudways. Easy.



Thrive Architect – the WordPress Visual Editor for Business Builders -Before now, I never realized just how much time I was spending waiting for page reloads, while creating content in WordPress. You can save massive amounts of time with a “live” editor like this.

And what I love about this tool is that it doesn’t just replace the boring and clumsy old WordPress editor, it’s also a whole sales-page-building suite! If you build marketing pages and landing pages, this thing is brilliant!



The Fastest Landing Page Builder for WordPress – The success of your online business really depends a lot on just a few key pages on your site. The kinds of “conversion focused” pages, where you very specifically turn new visitors into email subscribers, members or customers.

What you’re about to see here is a new and incredibly easy way to set up conversion-focused pages like this, on any WordPress website. And the best part is: they are already pre-designed and conversion optimized for you!

If there’s a faster way to get professionally designed, high-converting page published in WordPress, I don’t know it.



For 90%+ of all online businesses, building a mailing list is a top priority. A mailing list is the key to more traffic, more sales and more personal freedom. There’s just nothing better than knowing you can send an email with an offer anytime and make $100, $500. $1,000, $5,000 and upwards.

But how do you build that list in the first place?

Thrive Leads: The Ultimate List Building plugin For WordPress

There are many other opt-in plugins out there, but this one is on a completely different level. There are many plugins that give you some options for adding opt-in forms to your site. But this new plugin takes a different approach: these guys have taken the best conversion optimization technologies and the most advanced list building strategies and crammed them all into a single plugin.

I’ve swapped out my old opt-in plugins for Thrive Leads and immediately seen a 200% + increase in opt-ins. It makes ALL the difference from breaking even on your ad spend to doubling or tripling your initial investment – and that’s before you start following up with your autoresponder!


ConvertKit. This is my email marketing provider of choice. It’s the perfect balance of powerful automation and segmenting features and ease of use.



Long Tail Pro – I believe Long Tail Pro is by far the best keyword research tool on the market. I was frustrated with other keyword tools on the market.  Nothing really did exactly what I wanted it to do.  I wanted to find lots of keywords quickly and to check for exact match domains automatically which it does effortlessly and easy to use unlike others I’ve tried.


Pretty Links

This is the tool I use to shorten URLs and make them “pretty.” It’s great to creating URLs that you send in emails or share out and about. The free version, Pretty Links Lite, works for most people, but there is a paid version.


Track And Optimize All Your Marketing


While tracking isn’t terribly sexy on the surface, it’s one of the few secrets to making tons of money online..

You must track all your traffic, where are they’re coming from? Pinterest, Facebook? Google or Bing ads? Which traffic sources are resulting in people visiting your landing pages or articles and actively subscribing and eventually purchasing some of the products & services earning you commissions..? Which ones are bouncing straight off your site due to the wrong audience, offer or your headline sucks? Which ads can you ramp up to the moon and which ones are costing you money?

bulbIf you haven’t already done so, please read both the Make Money Posting Cool Stuff & Make Money Sharing Cool Stuff pages for a general overview.

Also view the FAQ’s section to learn more.